Thursday, February 19, 2015

Michael Cartwright Owner of Phoenix Design Studio of Chatham, NY is a Known Scammer and Stalker

Michael Cartwright,
owner  of Phoenix Design Studio from
East Chatham & Schodack NY 
arrested for hate crimes 
and aggravated harassment
Be advised that Michael Cartwright and his wife Andrea Cartwright has been arrested numerous times for phoning and emailing harassment threats to business professionals, innocent people and politicians in our community. Their latest arrest on September 12, 2013 is for numerous charges including hate crimes! They both likes to get their jollies by ripping off small businesses and then ranting all day and night about "conspiracy theories" on a blogger site.They claims there are "witches" and "voodoo spells" sent to adversely affect their health and a prostitution ring created to destroy their pitiful lives. This is absolute insanity! Someone please get these nutcases to take their medications!

Michael & Andrea Cartwright
Hate Crime Arrested Report
According to the Troy Record, the Cartwrights were arrested during the week of September 9, 2013 for hate crimes! The actual charges are second degree aggravated harassment, second degree aggravated harassment as a hate crime, third degree stalking, and conspiracy.
Andrea Cartwright of
East Chatham & Schodack NY 
arrested for hate crimes 
and aggravated harassment
SCHODACK — An East Chatham couple has been accused of a hate crime.

Michael J. Cartwright, 46, and Andrea Cartwright, 45, of 169 County Route 24, East Chatham, NY were arrested Wednesday for second degree aggravated harassment, second degree aggravated harassment as a hate crime, third degree stalking, and conspiracy.

Along with members of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department, Schodack Police executed a search warrant at the defendants’ home and seized computer equipment related to the offenses.

Both Cartwrights were arraigned before Town of Schodack Justice Paul Peter, with the husband being remanded to Rensselaer County jail in lieu of $2,500 bail and the wife was released on her own recognizance.

Here are some links to the full stories:

Michael Cartwright
 Owner of Phoenix Design Studio, East Chatham, NY 12037 has ripped off and harassed many businesses and people in our community. It is currently estimated that he has stolen over $15,000.00 by taking pre-payments for jobs he did not finish. Beware that he does NOT finish the jobs he starts and from what I have encountered he is completely incompetent to even try (I would also add that he is completely INSANE!). Mr. Cartwright takes off with your cash, then starts harassing you! ! He even fakes invoices and contacts, bills you with a bogus invoice and then sends in his zombie wife Andrea Cartwright to harass you because he is a coward. Here's the fun part - you sue him and win then what are you going to get? This dope is worthless! 

This blog was created in the hopes to prevent others from being ripped off, stalked and harassed by Mr. Mike Cartwright and his wife Andrea Cartwright.

Generally whatever Mr. Cartwright accuses others of doing on his insane communications are projections of what he is doing or what he fantasizes about doing. Michael Cartwright is as sick as the come! He is also purported to be taking illicit drugs such as LSD and smoking pot which causes him to have hallucinogenic trips into deep paranoia . Add that with his mental illness and you have one serious nut running around Chatham, NY

Michael Cartwright rants all day and night on his ludicrous blog and emailing disturbing message and posting disgusting things to people of in a lame attempt to attack and harass innocent people in the Schodack, NY and Chatham, NY. Mr. Cartwright makes insane claims that the local police, New York State Troopers, judges, attorneys, witches, voodoo doctors, politicians, business people, ninjas, his relatives, his siblings, his in-laws, his Kinderhook, NY Ichabod Crane High School buddies, the NY DMV, his bank, his heating company, his garbage man, his landlord, aliens, men in black (MIB), Time Warner Cable, his accountant, his car repairman, his plumber, and the insane list goes on and on. He will rant that all these people are collectively "trying to get him" because he is worth millions of dollars. When in reality he is a worthless, abusive, chain smoking bum living on welfare. Mr. Cartwright would rather spend his welfare check on drugs and cigs rather than feed his kids or pay his bills.

Mr. Mike Cartwright claims that there is some massive regionally-based  human trafficing and pornography ring that all of these people run and that they are trying to force him and his wife into it. Well folks there is no regionally-based human trafficing ring - this exists only in Michael Cartwright's insane fantasies where he is the one running it.

The SAD truth is, Mr. Mike Cartwright is a worthless, paranoid, delusional, schizophrenic who harasses innocent people in our community and now he is using his company Phoenix Design Studio to rip off small businesses!!! Simply said, Michael Cartwright is a liar, a coward, a harasser of innocent women and an incompetent fool with delusions of grandeur.

His mother is Mary Eckel has done nothing to get her deadbeat son some much needed metal help.

Mike Cartwright has also been arrested numerous times for harassing, threatening and verbally attacking women. This must make him feel like a real man! Go check the court records yourself!

Mike Cartwright and his wife Andrea Cartwright have been evicted from all of their former apartments for trashing the places and not paying their rent bills. Mr. Cartwright uses his brainwashed wife to try to collect his bogus invoices. She is now just as nutty as him. Mr. Cartwright tries to blame his ill fate on all of the above people, but the sad truth is he is nothing more than a mentally ill cretan in need of mental help. Mr. Cartwright hears voices and (what he claims to be) witch chants in his head (i.e. paranoid schizoid) and he believes that a local coven of witches are trying to adversely affect his health by chanting and placing spells on him. Other things Mike Cartwright does not want the public to know about him is his purported illicit drug use with controlled substances such as LSD and marijuana among other things. Too bad Mr. Cartwright people need to know all about you and avoid you!

All of this is nothing more than the delusional behavior of an disturbed, drugged up, obsessed individual who is crying out for mental help. In fact, Mr. Cartwright is so insane he believes all of the above nonsense and all of the insane garbage he writes.

The only thing we can do is publish this blog to provide the general public the sane perspective on this matter. It is unfortunate that this blog must be published but it it the only way to expose this insane individual Mike Cartwright and what he has been perpetrating in our community.